Videography is our LIFESTYLE. Weddings are our PASSION.


We are thankful for three things in the “Business World”. First we are thankful for Jesus Christ above all things. Second, we are thankful for our existing Brides. Without these first two things, we simply wouldn’t exist. And, finally, we are thankful for You.


What is Hik Creative?

We are a Creative Videography Company. We specialize in Wedding Videography and love to capture those special moments on those perfect days.

Who do we work with?

We work with a lot of Brides from all over the United States. Wedding Days are our favorite days. There is so much that happens, that a bride misses out on. That’s where we come in, we LOVE capturing those moments and sharing them.

What does Hik Creative stand for?

God has blessed you with an ability. You may, or may not know what that is for you. We know what ours is. God blessed us with the ability to be creative and we want to glorify Jesus Christ in ALL that we do. God said start Hik Creative, so we did. “He Is King”.  


We take your wedding day and make it the most memorable day of your life. We love getting to capture those moments.

— Bray Brooks, Owner


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